Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P3T5_A Mermaids Tale from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hi everyone, I have some news we have a new G.T project this project is a movie trailer. Me and my team (Coral, Viora, Raja, and I) decided that our movie trailer will be about this little girl who's mom was a mermaid and the little girl never knew one day her mom told her that she had to leave and she would come back and then teach her how to swim when the little girl's powers grew stronger. The little girl grew up without her mom and waited for her mom to come back and teach her how to swim. Then one day she went into the ocean for the first time and she grew a tale (mermaid tale) she ran to her dad and asked what had happened. She then knew where her mom went. To contribute I made up the story
and my group helped to edit the story and gave ideas that were really really good making it amazing.

This project was very fun and I enjoyed making a movie trailer but we did have some challenges. One of these problems was getting a story that was original and not like any other story. We overcame this problem pretty well and now we have a story unlike any others. A big problem was with the movie posters we had some issues getting the tail to stay straight instead of just flopping down. Also with the movie poster it was very hard to edit the photo and get the sky and the sea the perfect color It took a long time but I found the perfect area were the sky was not to bright or to dark and same with sky. We had to make sure you saw the all the main actors that were stared in the movie so it was a little hard to get it to all work together in one piece. After some work we got it to work out but the movie trailer was probably the biggest problem we faced.

In the critique we watched each video twice and ours got best scores for creativity. For audience we had a lot of mixed votes and for requirements we got mostly all expectations met. In this project I learned how to act without laughing and also how hard it is to swim in a mermaid tail. Another thing I learned was how to work with people I have never worked before which was pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Metamorphosis Animation

P3T1 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Me and my team Chelsea, Kirsten, and Seline came up with about five ideas before we decided are

top two. The very first idea we came up with was "Pig Eats Butterflies" we came up with this idea because we were trying to think of both girls and boys but he does not learn any lesson but don't eat butterflies. After this we came up with "Goat Climbs Cliff" the lesson was little things can do big things the problem is that the goat is still a goat in the end. After this we came up with "Pig Learns

Respect" in this the pig becomes a bee and learns to respect this was one of our two top ones.  Then our other one in the top two was "Wolf Becomes Self" and he learns he doesn't  to change for other people.

In the end after we pitched both of our top two ideas the class chose "Pig Learns Respect". In this story the pig is very very selfish and thinks she has the most responsibilities and every one else just sits around and looks pretty. In scene one she ends up leaving the farm to get a new life with less responsibilities. Then she sees a bee and start talking to her and says that he has the most responsibilities and that bees do nothing.  In the next scene a whole bunch of bees come and surround the pig and then he becomes a bee. He sees that the grass is very large and wonders what is going on. In the next scene he finds a mirror shard and is shocked to see his appearance then a bee tells her to follow him. After that scene the queen bee assigns her  jobs that she finishes and then she has to do more. In the next scene he misses his simple life and wants to be a pig again. Then he becomes aware that everyone has a job too do and that he should be happy. Then he is rewarded for doing his jobs with honey.

Our team had some struggles with communication at first but then we got then hang of it. After that we realized how hard whiteboard was and we then had trouble with time management. Most of our shots were good quality some were nit that good of quality. Our team got 18 shots done and then we all helped put them all together. We got threes in all four areas which I agree with because we had some lower quality shots. We all were aiming for fours but we tried our hardest and we got some really good shots.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Hey everyone! Theres a new project called Low Polly Portrait. In this project we deal with 3D computer graphics.

So are facial expressions universal? Facial expressions are universal! From my research if you were to smile in France then it would mean that your happy. If you were to frown in France then it would mean your sad. It's the same everywhere yes people all smile differently and frown differently you can still tell if someone is sad, mad or anything else by what there facial expressions look like because everyone's facial expressions are similar and no matter where you travel it will mean the same thing.

The steps to make a low-polly portrait are.... First you go out with your phone or camera and take a picture of yourself or a friend or family member ( if your taking a picture with your phone of your self then you probably shouldn't take with selfie mode because it ruins quality). After you have your picture your going to need to upload your photo to your computer. Then you will take your photo and upload it into photoshop. Then you can make a copy of your photo and put triangles on the copy. then you can make the triangles. Then you can take all your lines and combine them into one. Then fill in you triangles in with color (Filter-Blur- Average). After that you can and a white background. Then after this you would be done.

My Poly-1 and my Poly-2 have many many differences the first thing is that in my Poly-1 its a photo of me and its was taken with photo booth inside my classroom. My Poly-2 was taken out side with my phone and instead of me its my sister. In my Poly-2 my sister is showing a lot of facial expression in my Poly-1 I don't really show that much facial expression. If you didn't notice from the pictures the Poly-2 has a blue low poly kind of background. In my Poly-1 Its just a white background. If you cannot tell my Poly-2 has a bright pop color because instead of doing blur average we used the eye dropper this made the colors a lot more unique and bright then we added a some effects. Something that I think I did very different is that I got all of the very detailed areas for example the ears, nose, and eyes were done better on my Poly-2 that on my Poly-1 were I don't really even have a nose or ears.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Hi everyone so I have a new project and in this new project we have two slow-mo's and three time-lapses on the project we also need to include thing such has a poem. Well any ways the new project is all about nature.

Ready to hear about how nature impacts me. Nature is really peaceful which makes me really peaceful. Nature takes all my worries away and makes me happy. Nature is always changing just like me and it also gives me motivation. Nature is very relaxing and every day it looks very bright and spectacular. Nature can do amazing things such has forming islands. Nature formed the island I live on today which wows me. I enjoy being in nature because I don't have and fears when I'm in nature. Nature contains many thing that many people miss. When I look at nature I notice all the little things like how there is many different color in the sand like green, blue, red and brown it looks more yellow because of how many small pieces of yellow/tan there are but if you look at it more closely you can see more. Maybe you should go out into nature and try to find all the little things.

How are time-lapses and slow-mo's created? Well here is how so the first step is to go out side and take a video but make sure to use a environmental tripod. If you want to make a time-lapses you want to film for five or more minutes (any where below that might be to short). When your filming you might want to get 2/3 sky and 1/3 ground (Unless your filming something else besides nature). Why? You may ask well the most action in a time-lapses happens in the sky when the clouds are moving or the sun is changing. After you get your video you can then go into Final Cut Pro and import your video. After this you can add it to your timeline and speed it up by how every much you want. For a slow-mo when your filming you want to get close (not all the time but most of the time) and get details. You might want to film for maybe ten seconds and then after you get your video you can go into Final Cut Pro and then follow the same steps for the time-lapses but in stead of speeding it up slow it down.

I think that the hardest part of this project would have filming. I have to go to my gymnastics because we are preparing for two gymnastics competitions so the only time I had was on Friday and weekends and sometimes there isn't enough cameras. The only time I had for filming was after 7:15pm so that might have been my biggest issue but I over came that and got ready really fast and used the rest of the time to film what was needed. My next problem might have been getting a 2/3 sky and 1/3 ground without getting a shaky shot but I used many new environmental tripods to help me get it done. My favorite part of this project would be editing and slowing down and speeding up the clips because thats when you see all of the amazing clips come alive. For example when you film your time-lapse you film it has a regular video and then when you speed it up you can see time pass by and it's really cool.

In the video critique I got one developing, twenty four votes in accomplished and two votes in exemplary. I think that I met all of the requirements and I deserved to get accomplished and exemplary but one person disagreed and thinks I did not meet the requirements but there is always room for improvement and next time I will make sure to make everyone happy with the video. I could defiantly improve to get more exemplary's by maybe making sure that I had every single shot super still because I did have some shaky shots. Also maybe next time I can record my poem again because I did have one or two stumps. I think that everyone deserves an opinion and I might think I got accomplished and exemplary but i'm okay with get ]ting some scores I didn't expect because that makes me better.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hi my loyal readers I know it's been awhile but i'm back the the question for this blog post will be "what is poetry and what is it used for?" Poetry is a form of art and art is also poetry. Poetry can change the mood of someone from sad to happy or tired to energetic. Poetry is a creative way to express yourself. Poetry is a creative and imaginative idea on paper.  It doesn't matter wether it rhymes or even has words has long a it tells a story its poetry.

My home is in the ocean at the beach with the amazing breeze
I also like to be under the shaded palm trees that make me feel free
At times my life may be hard it important to keep my guard
I stay up and try not to go down at times it happens I try not to frown
I will conquer my fears before the end is to near
We all shine bright in the night and I'm the light 

I used rhythm and rhyme because I feel like it makes it more interesting and fun to read. If it didn't have rhythm or rhyme I think people would get bored and not want to finish the poetic personal goal above. Rhythm and rhyme makes your poem flow smoothly and gives a happy mood. I enjoy reading rhymes because there interesting and I sometimes funny. Rhyme and rhythm gives it a nice speed that's makes the whole thing flow.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Music Video Finale

P3T3 Thriller from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Hello so my last project this year has come and it's a music video. My teammates include Katy,Kaile, and Christina. We chose the song Thriller by Michael Jackson are story is about this girl walking in the forest alone she was already scared because she was in the forest alone then she sees zombies. See becomes a zombie and then we get more zombies and do our own version of the thriller dance. In the music theres lyrics like "you try to scream" then we show a shot of Kaile screaming but Katy covers her mouth. Theres also lyrics like "You see a sight" then we show my zombie hand.

My favorite fast-edit montage would be when we out doing our thriller dance because we go through a lot of different shots of us dancing and lip syncing. We also get different colors effects and in each clip there's ether more or less amount of people in different zombies forest places. I think it was our best fast-edit montage because we all worked together on it and put all of ideas on it turned out really nice. We went through a lot of different shots too so it made it really cool and you are so many different things in
that short amount of time.

This final project showcases my best work because I get to use all of the skills I
learned this year in G.T. Me and my team also get along well so we were able to go and meet up each other and do makeup and costumes. Me and my team tried our best to make fast moving shots and not have a lot of long boring shots. Me and team also work really well together so we had a lot of fun. Me and my team tried to make this project our best quality work by adding every ones ideas and making sure nobody got left behind. By adding different effects. A strange way we also dos better acting is because we were doing some acting in Mrs.Brassington's class.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

P3T3 Spaceman Locates Brightness from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hello again my new project is an animation that tells a story and lesson my teammates include Alex a quirky and crazy guy, then theirs Ashely she's a friendly and clumsy girl and then theirs me a shy girl who is actually very friendly and nice when you get to know her. In our animation a boy (Alex) is on a dark lonely planet he does not like it there and the all of a sudden he sees a bright happy planet where he sees Ashely and I playing around and having fun even tho Ashely is so clumsy she almost falls of the planet when were playing. He really wants to fly to the other planet so he makes wings ( that's what I meant when I said crazy) then he makes it to the other planet  and finds out that we don't like him and then he tells us that he just wants to be friends and that's when the friendly side of me comes out.

Me and my teams life lesson is to never judge a book by it's cover. In our animation we show this by having (Alex) see a bright and happy planet while he is on his dark and lonely planet. He decides that he wants to go there so he makes wings. After he is done making his wings he fly's to
 the happy planet. Now this is where are life lesson comes in. So Alex is on the bright and happy planet and then sees these girls and they start teasing him about his wings and how he is strange. His feeling are hurt and he walks away and then I ask him what he even wants to do. He says he just wants to hang out with people. Then the girls realize he isn't that strange after all.

So me and my team have never worked together before so we had a little bit of problems. The number one problem for me was the fact that I really did not know them so I was more shy than usually. Trust me when i'm around my friends I am very energetic and happy. So we didn't really have has much communication has we could have. I think that overall we did a good job sometimes one teammate wanted us in during recess and lunch and that was not always possible. Another thing about teams is that you had to have both genders and that you have to have 7th and 6th grade so we had two girls and one boy. We also had two girls Ashely and I. Then we had Alex our boy and Ashely our 7th grader